Obstruction of View

It shall be unlawful for any person to willfully allow any wall, fence, or other structure, or any hedge, tree, shrub, or other growth to be erected or maintained in any location so as to cause an obstruction of the view of an official traffic control device from the adjacent street.

Sight Restrictions

Trees, hedges and shrubs on corner lots must be planted and trimmed to avoid creating a sight restriction.

Tree Restrictions Diagram

Walls and fences must be erected in such a way to avoid creating a sight restriction.

Sight restrictions could cause a traffic accident. Your help in following this ordinance will make driving safer. If you have a sight restriction on your property, please help prevent an accident by cutting it back.

Site Restriction Diagram

Report a Nuisance

To report a sight restriction, please fill out the Nuisance Complaint Disposition For (PDF) or call (806) 655-5014.

Mail or take the completed form to

Planning & Development Department
301 16th St.
Canyon, TX 79015