Deferred Disposition

Deferred disposition is a very simple form of probation, available for both traffic and criminal violations. Deferred disposition is discretionary with the court. The Judge will decide whether to allow deferred disposition. After you pay the special expense fee, the finding of guilt is suspended for a period up to 180 days. During the probation period, you must not receive any new citations or charges, and may be required to complete other requirements set by the court or required by state law, such as community service hours or a driving safety course. If you complete all the requirements, the citation will be dismissed. Your deferred disposition requirements will be listed in the deferred disposition agreement. Please read the agreement carefully before signing it. You are not eligible for deferred disposition for a traffic offense if you hold a commercial driver’s license or held one at the time of the offense, or for a traffic offense committed in a construction zone with workers present.

 To request deferred disposition, you may appear in person or at a virtual court hearing. Please complete the virtual court request form and the court will schedule your appearance.