Downtown Master Plan

Over the past several months the Canyon Downtown Master Plan Committee has worked with City staff and with professional Planners from Freese & Nichols to develop a plan for downtown Canyon. This plan has involved citizen input through survey response, multiple committee meetings, a community meeting, and countless hours of work by staff and professionals from Freese & Nichols.

This Plan is intended to provide a cohesive vision for Downtown Canyon through the guidelines and recommendations outlined in this Plan. This includes addressing the design of building form, streets, public spaces, and branding strategies. The ultimate goal of this document is to present an innovative, yet realistic vision and strategy for strengthening Downtown Canyon as an economic driver for the community and region.

The next step to be taken with this Draft Plan is for it to be approved by the Canyon City Commission.  Once the Plan is approved City staff will begin to use the Plan as a map to guide any development or improvements that are going to take place in this area.

See the adopted Downtown Master Plan here.