Transient Retail Merchant Permit


A transient retail merchant is an individual who sets up a stand or a truck on a parking lot or empty field and does not have a fixed business location.

In order to obtain a transient merchant permit, you must:       

1. The business interested in a permit of this type must become a collaborator(PDF) in our on-line software – “MyGov”  to apply.

2. After becoming a collaborator and being accepted by Planning & Development personnel, then apply on-line as follows:

  • Fill out the application (PDF) completely (This contains authorization for the City to obtain information regarding the applicant's criminal history)
  • Provide a current copy of applicant's driver's license and social security number
  • Provide written permission from the owner of the land or lot
  • Provide a copy of your State Sales Tax permit
  • Pay the permit fee as follows:      7 day permit          $50                                                 
  •                                                    14 day permit          $75
  •                                                    30 day permit          $100
  •                                                    90 day permit          $150
  • The lot used for sales must be zoned for retail, commercial, industrial, or central area
  • The lot must have adequate parking
  • The application must be approved by the Director of Planning & Development need to contact the City at (806) 655-5003 to check for availability and cost

Return all items completed to the:
Director of Planning & Development
301 16th St.
Canyon, TX 79015