Special Event Permits

Obtaining a permit for a Special Event, Parade, or Block Party

The information provided on this page is for convenience and is not a replacement for a thorough review of the relevant ordinances. 

City Ordinance No. 1021 requires permits to conduct special events, parades, and block parties. Please read the descriptions below to help you determine the kind of permit you may need. Applicants should read the full ordinance (PDF) prior to submitting an application. The application fee for a Special Event or a Parade permit is $25. There is no application fee for a Block Party permit. Private parties are not the same as public events and may not require permits.

Do You Need A Permit?

Is your event open to the general public? Will your event interfere with normal operation of streets, parking lots, parks, or public space? Could your event possibly disturb the surrounding area, neighborhood, or businesses? Will you need additional city services to provide security, extra trash removal, block city streets, or access to additional electricity, water, or restroom facilities? If you answer "possibly" to any of these questions, you will need to fill out a permit. If you are unsure whether your event requires a permit or not, please contact the Planning and Development Department for clarification. Applications are available in the Planning and Development Department and also may be printed from the links on this page.

Available Permits

A. Special Community Event Permit Appli cation (PDF)- Example events requiring permits: street fairs, art and craft shows, rallies, public entertainment, motorcades, festivals and races.

Events not requiring permits:

  • An event wholly contained on property specifically designed or suited for the event and which holds a certificate of occupancy for such use including adequate parking
  • An event conducted entirely on the property of an educational institution
  • A funeral or dignitary processions
  • City sponsored events
  • First Amendment Activities conducted entirely on sidewalks, in public parks or on private property.

B. Block Party Application (PDF) - A Block Party is a small social or recreational gathering for which a public street, alley or sidewalk is temporarily closed to vehicular traffic within a residential district and the participants either reside within the area of the street closing or are guests of such a resident.

C. Parade Permit Application (PDF) - A Parade is any march or procession consisting of people, animals, vehicles of any type, or a combination thereof, upon any public street, sidewalk, or alley or combination thereof, which does not comply with normal and usual traffic regulations or controls.

Parade and Special Event permits will not be issued until applicants have provided proof that they met the liability insurance requirement associated with their event. Such insurance policies must be in the face amount of not less than then thousand ($10,000.00). This requirement may be satisfied by either a special policy issued solely for the event or, by a standing liability policy maintained by the applicant year round. The City may require additional insurance based on the type of event being permitted. Please read City Ordinance Number 1021 (PDF) for additional information related to insurance requirements.

Please be aware of the deadlines associated with each of the Event Permits. Event applications not submitted according to permit deadlines may not be considered for approval. Please contact the City of Canyon Planning and Development Department at 806-655-5014 for any questions associated with the permit applications or the permitting process.

City officials may contact applicants during the application review process in an effort to clarify information provided by applicants.