As stewards of resources owned or controlled by the City of Canyon, the Purchasing Department, together with the Finance Department, shall make and facilitate decisions related to the purchase or selling of materials, services, supplies, and equipment within the parameters set by the City Charter, Texas Law, and/or any other governing or legally bound entities, for the best interest of the City of Canyon, its officers and elected officials, and its taxpayers.

  1. City of Canyon Purchasing Department

    Mailing Address
    301 16th Street
    Canyon, TX 79015

  2. Beau Boyer

    Beau Boyer

    Budget & Purchasing Manager
    Phone: 806-655-5003 ext 621


The City of Canyon invites qualified vendors to submit bids, qualifications and proposals for posted solicitations.  Solicitations are open to all interested parties.  For specific instructions and procedures for responding to requests and invitations, click the link in the description for each individual posting. 

TypeDescriptionSubmittal DeadlineAddendumsAction DateStatus/Award
22001 U.S. 87 Water Distribution System Extension

November 20, 2023, 2:00 pm

Accepting Submissions
RFQMaster Drainage PlanNovember 30, 2023, 3:00 pm

Accepting Responses


Preliminary results for formal solicitations are posted on this page as they become available, and are not available by phone.  This page does not authorize any vendor to begin a project or proceed with an order from the City.

TypeDescription Action 
RFPConstruction of the Palo Duro Creek Golf Course Irrigation SystemOctober 2, 2023United Golf, LLC
RFPMayra Park Utility ExtensionSeptember 18, 2023Scott Wampler Construction
RFPWater Distribution System ExtensionSeptember 18, 2023Scott Wampler Construction
Force Main Replacement
September 18, 2023Amarillo Utility Contractors
RFPShort-Term Rental Inventory, Registration, Compliance, and Analytic ServicesAugust 14, 2023Azavar
RFQDevelopment Review of Crestview Estates Home Subdivision (in association with the RFQ issued by the City of Amarillo for RFQ No. 05-23)July 31, 2023Freese and Nichols, Inc.
RFQArchitectural Services Associated
with the Construction of a Police Department Building and City Hall Renovations
June 20, 2022Sims + Architects
RFPRequest for Bid Proposals for Construction of Burn House for the Canyon Fire DepartmentAugust 22, 2022Procurement Canceled
RFP18th Street Paving from Brookhaven Dr. to 600 feet SouthJanuary 9, 2023Plains Builders
RFQA request for statements of qualifications for professional services to conduct a development funding and road, water and sewer impact fee study. See RFQ document for details.March 6, 2023Freese and Nichols