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Read the full Zoning Regulations Document here.Zoning Ordinance Public Review Opens in new window

See the proposed Zoning map here.

2023 Zoning Ordinance Update

The Zoning Regulations are currently being updated for approval. Stakeholder and resident feedback is encouraged with options for participation:

  1. Public Meeting – Wednesday, November 15th at the Cole Community Center (300 16th Street, Canyon, TX 79015) from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. This in-person meeting will provide citizens and stakeholders a fourth opportunity to ask questions and voice concerns to City Staff.
  2. Direct Contact to Staff – Those who are unable to attend the public meeting in person can always reach out to staff via phone, email, or by coming to the Planning and Development Department to discuss the draft ordinance and map in person. 
  3. Emailed Comments – Online commenting is also available for residents wishing to submit their thoughts or questions online. Comments online can be made by filling out the form here.

Planning and Development Contact for Zoning Update:

Lucas Raley - Director 


(806) 655-5000 ext. 228

Currently Adopted District Regulations

The City of Canyon is sectioned into various zoning districts. Each district has specific regulations pertaining to types of use, area regulations, building set-backs, etc. Please see our current zoning regulations here.

The following links contain tables that summarize district area regulations, building set-backs and building heights.

To find out if a particular use is allowed in your zoning district see Table 1-1 Summary Use Chart in our Zoning Ordinance and the following link to our Code of Ordinances.


Zoning District Map (PDF)