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Code Enforcement

  1. Event Permit - Block Party

    Application to host a block party

  1. Online Comments: Zoning Regulations

    To send comments in directly for the Zoning Regulations Ordinance.


  1. House / Business Watch

    Please fill out the requested information if you are planning to be out of town or need extra patrol at your residence or business.

  1. Open Records Request

Public Works

  1. Application for Water Tap

    - This application is required for new construction that requires new water service (tap and/or meter) or existing customers that... More…

  2. Fire Hydrant Meter Agreement

    Fire hydrant meter deposits are $1200.00. Also, there will be a $50.00 per month meter charge in addition to the bulk water used.... More…

  1. City Vehicle Usage Agreement

    Trash Truck Usage Form

  2. Right-Of-Way Construction Permit Application